Former AIB Employee Accused Of Harassing Girls Including A Minor!

Former AIB Employee Accused Of Harassing Girls Including A Minor!

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AIB and controversy have become synonyms of each others lately. Since the unpopular Roast, AIB has been in limelight, mostly for all the wrong reasons. While most of the past issues have been around freedom of expressions, what has come to light today is pretty serious.

A Twitter user Mahima Kukreja accused former AIB employee Utsav of sending her unsolicited photos of his genital to her. And it doesn’t stop there. Plenty of girls have come out with similar stories of harassment done by same employee Utsav including a girl who was 17 when she received message from Utsav. He has also been asking girls to send him nude photos.

Utsav tweeted this earlier this morning.

Mahima Kukreja, who has accused him of the harassment replied with an eye opening thread. 

And after this Tweet, plenty of girls sent her DMs with similar stories of harassment. Mahima has been sharing all stories in the thread.

He also messaged a girl who was 17 at that time!

Twitter also came out to support Mahima.

Since these stories have come out, #AIBalatkaris has been trending on Twitter.

AIB released their official statement condemning Utsav’s behavior. 

In second Tweet, AIB said that Utsav is not their employee anymore.

A ton of rumours and allegations flying around suggesting Utsav is / was AIB’s Head Writer. Utsav was never our Head Writer. Also, Utsav has not been an employee at AIB since the end of 2016.

AIB said, Utsav has not been an employee since the end of 2016, but Twitter found videos that were released in 2017 and 2018 which featured Utsav.

Tweet dated 11 August 2018 from Hotstar that features Utsav has been deleted by Hotstar. was the original URL of the Tweet according to Google.

We appreciate AIB for taking down all videos featuring the accused and for issuing a statement immediately condemning the accused, but according to the victim Mahima, one of the founders of AIB was notified of this behavior of Utsav in past. Mahima accused AIB founding team of not taking any steps against Utsav.

Utsav has also released his statement saying he will shortly share context of entire incident.

Sonam Kapoor tweeted this in the raw.

She was also called out for her double standards.

Female harassment on online forums by Indian men is nothing new to us. It will probably take ages before we learn how to treat women. But this behavior is certainly not expected from an employee of leading new-age media company.

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