Terribly Tiny Tales Co-Founder, Standup Comedians Aditi Mittal And Jeeveshu Ahluwalia Accused Of Harassment!

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Terribly Tiny Tales Co-Founder, Standup Comedians Aditi Mittal And Jeeveshu Ahluwalia Accused Of Harassment!

Since last week, more and more Indians are outing sexual harassers and abusers on social media in India’s Me Too movement. Today, 3 more names have been accused of harassment.

1. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Standup Comedian

A girl has anonymously shared an incident on Twitter and accused Jeeveshu Ahluwalia of date-rape. Screenshot of the message was shared by Twitter user Aditi.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia issued an apology after his name was called out on social media.

If I have made any woman uncomfortable with my words, actions, I am deeply sorry & will continue to be. I don’t think there can be ever any acceptable explanation or justification for making a women feel the way I perhaps may have & therefore, I am my offering any. Again my sincerest apologies.

Apology was followed by an official statement denying the date-rape claim.

2. Chintan Ruparel, Co-Founder and Chief Content Curator, Terribly Tiny Tales

A writer of micro-fiction platform Terribly Tiny Tales has accused platform’s co-founder and chief content curator Chintan Ruparel of sexual harassment. Victim said in a blog that she was sexually abused by Chintan in Scotland while they were in a relationship. She was violently bitten by the accused during intercourse.

Couple of other women have also shared bitter experiences with Chintan anonymously on social media.

Soon after the accusations, Chintan Ruparel was made to step down from the position of chief content curator of the company.

3. Aditi Mittal, Standup Comedian

Standup comedian Aditi Mittal has been accused of forcibly kissing fellow comedian Kaneez Surka without consent. Kaneez Surka has described entire incident in a statement on Twitter.

Kaneez has demanded public apology from Aditi Mittal.

#TimesUp Live Updates

We take sexual harassment at work place very seriously. Our team is reporting all major harassment incidents from India’s #MeToo movement live on this page.

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