Indians Denied Entry At A Garba Concert In USA Temple Because They Did Not Look Like 'Hindus'

Indians Denied Entry At A Garba Concert In USA Temple Because They Did Not Look Like ‘Hindus’

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While Gujaratis and Indians are celebrating Garba season across the world, we came across an outrageous incident. Hinduism is a religion that asks to respect all other religions equally, and we have seen people from all religions celebrating and taking active participation in festivals of all religions including Hinduism in India over the years. But an incident we came across today is outrageous.

Couple of Indians were denied entry to a Garba event in a temple, Shakti Mandir in Atlanta (USA) apparently because they did not look like Hindus and their last name did not sound like Hindus to the organizers according to a tweet by Gujarati living in USA, Karan Jani. Karan and his friends kept convincing the organizers, but the organizers ganged up on them and forced them to leave.

In a series of tweets, Karan described entire incident. His friends were excited to attend Garba event for the first time, but unfortunately they were made to leave. One of the organizers also said,

“We don’t come to your events, you are not allowed to ours.”

Karan has been attending Shakti Mandir for last six years. But he was shocked and saddened to see discrimination by the event organizers.

Take a look at the tweets.







While festivals are the only way Indians can stay in touch with their roots out of India, incidents like this are really unfortunate and threat to our culture.

People should boycott or at least protest against such narrow minded folks.

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