10 Songs By Prateek Kuhad That You Need To Add To Your Playlist Right Now!

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10 Songs By Prateek Kuhad That You Need To Add To Your Playlist Right Now!

The songs and artists you hear about on T.V. are not the only artists alive. There are so many artists out there, who need to come in light. There are a number of independent artists out there doing wonders with their work. One such great artist that we need to hear about is Prateek Kuhad.

Prateek Kuhad is an independent singer-song writer. There are a few things in life, which you are dead serious about. Something which is extremely serious for you and you love that the most. For this artist, song writing is that thing.

Prateek Kuhad is a Delhi based singer-song writer. It took time for him to acknowledge the fact that he really had a huge fan following. For him, music is something “serious”. Every song that he’s written is very personal. He cannot write without feeling something, he cannot sing, without feeling it. But that is what art is all about.

With time, he got opportunities to sing for Bollywood movies as well. He has sung “Kho Gaye Hum Kahaan” from the movie “Baar Baar Dekho.”

His voice is raw and innocent. A voice that you would want to hear again and again. Initially, he just wrote. With writing, he began to sing. And his fans are so glad that he started singing with writing.

This artist is in no hurry to reach somewhere. His songs make him feel truly happy. He loves how he goes back to phases of his life while singing. For him, song writing is music. Words, they matter a lot to him. For him, words are music. He has given music another dimension. Apart from being an amazing singer, he is a genuine heart. Someone we all must look up to.

Go, lie down on your bed, turn the fairy lights on, and sleep. Because here is a list of 10 best songs by Prateek Kuhad, that will make all nights soothing for you.

1. Tum Jab Paas

If you have fallen in love, this song cannot fall out of your playlist. Before you sleep, after you wake up, while you are on a drive with your partner, this song just cannot be out of your playlist. A song just for the ones in love. So beautiful!

2. Raat Raazi

Tonight, sleep by telling yourself, whatever you’ve lost, let it be. The evening isn’t over yet.

3. Yeh Pal

Tonight, sleep to his voice.

4. With You/For You

“It doesn’t matter to me what language it is. I’m pretty comfortable with both languages.”

5. Artist

Dedicate this song to that artist in your life.

6. You are mine

How can someone write and sing this beautifully? You might just fall for Prateek Kuhad now!

7. 100 words

Let his voice and words take over your heart.

8. Cold/ Mess

Dear Prateek Kuhad, only if you were mine to keep!

9. Fighter

You would want him to write more. He writes what your heart feels.

10. For your time

Prateek Kuhad, we beg you, please don’t stop singing and writing, ever!

Truly an artist! His voice will melt your heart, and his words will make your heart skip a beat. How can someone write and sing this beautifully! If you’re not in love, you’ll fall, may be for him.

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