15 Self Love Quotes You Need To Shine From Within Today!

15 Self Love Quotes You Need To Shine From Within Today!

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It is your light that lights the world. If you don’t shine from within, how will you bring that light in your life? If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever be able to give that love to others? If you’re not happy from the inside, nothing from the outside will ever be able to give you that long lasting feeling of happiness. Self love and inner happiness go hand in hand. You cannot generate happiness from within, if you do not love yourself enough. You cannot love yourself enough, if you’re not happy with yourself, you see!

May be you just had a break up, or may be you lost that job, may be you are entangled in the commercial world and are looking for a way out, may be a way to yourself. May be, you are looking for someone who makes you feel beautiful and just so special. Someone who loves you the way no one has ever loved you before. Someone who understands you. Someone without whom you feel hollow and empty. Someone who’ll come and fill that space in your life.

But why do you have to go and look for this ‘someone’? Why are you waiting for that one person to come and light your life up for you? Why are you feeling empty and incomplete? Why do you need a ‘someone’ to make you feel loved, beautiful and special? Why are you not enough for yourself? Why can’t you feel loved, beautiful, special and complete already?

Before you fall in love with your ‘someone’, just know that an empty vessel serves nothing. To be able to give love, you should first know the importance of self love in life.
With self love comes inner happiness, and that helps you lead a healthy life. It has become so important for people today to realize the value of self love and inner happiness. Don’t go out and look for someone. You don’t really have to do that.

Wait there, and work on yourself. Let your ‘someone’ find you.

Fall in love with yourself, first. The relationship what you have with yourself matters the most in life. And so, here are 15 best quotes on self love that will make you fall in love with yourself, first.
















Don’t let the external forces steal what you have with yourself. Be tender and soft with yourself. Before you step out to love others, take a step back and move inwards. Let love begin there first.