#TimesUp: A Page Collecting All Major Harassment Stories From India

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Indians, mostly women, have decided to out prominent men and women for the harassment and abuse they have been doing. From sending unsolicited photos of genitals to asking for nude photos, from touching thigh to sexually abusing the women, from sending vulgar texts to asking for sexual favors, these stories are heartbreaking!

Most of the predators outed so far on social media hail from comedy scene, media and entertainment industry. While, most of the new-age media companies have chosen to remain silent, we have decided to bring all stories on one page. We have made a list of all harassment stories and responses from the alleged (if shared in public domain) and put it here. This page is updated live, time to time.

(You can send your story to us on editor@buddybits.com with subject line “Times Up”. We may only cover stories that look legitimate to us. If you are alleged in any of the stories and believe it is a wrong allegation, feel free to write to us.)

Cases So Far

1. AIB


  1. Former writer Utsav Chakraborty accused of sending unsolicited pictures of genitals and asking for nude photos from girls including a minor
  2. Senior partner Gursimran Khamba accused of harassing a woman

Series of Events: 

  • AIB released a statement apologizing to the victim, promising co-operation in investigation.
  • Utsav released a statement, tried to justify harassment through series of tweets. Later deleted all tweets.
  • Victim accused AIB founder Tanmay Bhat for taking no action when he was made aware of entire incident; he kept working with the accused.


  • CEO and Co-founder Tanmay Bhatt and senior partner Gursimran Khamba have stepped down from the company.
  • Hotstar cancelled production of their show On air with AIB season 3, issued official statement.
  • MAMI Film Festival dropped AIB’s film from their festival.

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