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Don’t Let The Bug Bite You While On A Trip You Had Been Waiting For

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Falling sick on a trip is the last thing you would want. Isn’t it? Well, there are a few checks to help you keep fit while you enjoy your vacation…

1. Covering up is important

Pack your clothing essentials in a way that you can cover up your skin when needed. A light jacket is a must even if you are traveling to some hot and humid destinations. Moreover, you can opt to wear clothes that cover most parts of your body especially at night to avoid mosquitoe bites. Tip – paste a mosquito patch on your clothes to save yourself from mosquitoes

2. Watch out for the amount of alcohol you consume

It is great to taste different types of local spirits but unfortunately high consumption of alcohol will take a toll on your body. Do not go berserk on the plane or at the airport lounge just because alcohol is free. You do not want to spoil your health just at the beginning of your trip

3. Hand gels are great for sanitization but nothing beats water and soap

Wash your hands wherever possible. In India, it is easy to get soap strips and water everywhere. Hand gels should only be used as backups

4. Are you someone who works out or exercises daily?

If yes, do not stop it. Be it yoga, daily jog/walk, gym. Your body needs that little dose of daily exercise to keep your immune system up and running while you enjoy your vacay. Make sure you make 15-20 mins in your day to exercise

5. Water, lots and lots of water

Keep your self hydrated at all times. Be sure to drink filtered water or bottled water if possible. Tip – carry your own small bottle of water

6. Sunscreen

Beach destinations, sun sand, and salt are all great but you do not want to give way to sunburns. Thankfully, we Indians are extremely particular about applying sunscreen since we do not like the tan. Use a sunscreen which is has SPF 30+. Remember, sunscreens are not just for the time you are on the road but also while you go swimming or for a dip in the sea

7. Eat your heart out but with caution

Try all the local food you want to at the most local places but at the same time don’t forget to keep a check on the hygiene factor of each place you visit. Do not eat at places which are deserted or not frequented with people. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables which you haven’t peeled yourself and cold food. Always keep in mind the ingredients you are allergic to

8. That extra dose of caffeine should be avoided

We tend to consume more caffeine on holidays than we do on regular days. Jet lag, the availability of local flavors, and leisure time, can indulge travelers in upping their caffeine intake. Your tummy might not agree and you might be left with uncomfortable days ahead

9. Vaccinations!

We are so busy preparing a list of visas required, places to see, how to go places, that we often forget to check if we require vaccinations before visiting a particular country – especially less developed nations. It is also better to research about the types of health issues a country (the one you are going to visit) is facing. Carry medicines accordingly. Do not be over confident about your immunity

10. Sleep….zzz

You need those minimum 6 hours of sleep. Don’t compromise since less sleep will only make you feel tired the entire day!

Happy vacation-ing fellas!

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