Rani Mukerji Feels Martial Arts Is The Only Way To Fight Harassment And Internet Is Pissed!

This proves how regressive we still are.4 min

Film critic Rajeev Masand sat down with the actresses that made headlines this year in a round-table discussion on various of things and issues. The panel included Rani Mukerji, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Tabu, Tapsee Pannu and Anushka Sharma. One such issue discussed was the #MeToo movement that shook entire Bollywood and media industry this year. Vikas Bahl, Sajid Khan, Kailash Kher, Alok Nath, Zulfi Syed, Nana Patekar are major names that have been accused of harassment by various females from the industry.

While many celebrities have come out to support the movement by being vocal about it, by supporting the victims and by boycotting the accused, #MeToo was certainly meant to be discussed at this actresses round-table. While Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Anushka Sharma put across sensible points, Rani Mukerji kept emphasizing on martial arts and self defense.

While Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma were debating on how to create safer work-environment in the industry, Rani Mukerji kept making her point on self defense.

According to Rani Mukerji, teaching martial arts to girls is the way to fight harassers. She goes further and says,

If girls started teaching harassers a lesson using martial arts, they will feel fearful while teasing other girls next time.

Deepika made a valid counter point and said, 

I don’t think everyone is constructed with that sort of DNA unfortunately.

To which, Rani gave a rather immature statement.

We need to talk to these women and tell them, yaar you need to change.

Anushka Sharma gave a perfect reply.

But that’s again talking about how women need to change, rather than the other way around.

While Rani Mukerji was still taking about martial arts and self defense, Alia Bhatt put across another valid point about the harassment younger girls are facing.

You have to take responsibility of your own self. You have to make martial arts compulsory in schools.

Deepika summed it up rightly,

We’re now talking about self defense. I’m saying why even get to that stage? Why should we even allow it? Why do we even need to reach to a stage where I need to learn how to defend myself?

Anushka said,

Environment needs to be so transparent that things do not happen so easily.

While Deepika, Alia and Anushka were putting right points across, Rani Mukerji kept interrupting them with ‘martial arts’ comment.

While she is not absolutely wrong, but we all have to agree to Deepika here. Why do we even need to reach a stage where martial arts is needed? Why can’t we stop the harassment from happening? Here’s the clip that has created the stir on social media.

While most of the internet users are lauding Deepika, Anushka and Alia, people are not happy with Rani’s views.
















While learning martial arts to defend ourselves is a good thing, it is definitely not the answer to fight harassment.

We sincerely hope Rani Mukerji reads all these comments and learn a thing or two.

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