Zakir Khan’s Heartwarming Post About Real India Is Going To Win The Internet!

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Zakir Khan is one of India’s most loved standup comics; every one loves him. More than his comedy, we love his poems, and his thoughts. While some Hindus and Muslims are busy spreading hatred and dirt about Christmas and Christians on social media, this one post by Zakir Khan is going to win the internet today.

Zakir Khan wrote a post on his Facebook which tells how real India, off the internet, doesn’t fight with each other all the time; lives in harmony and celebrates each others’ festivals. Whatever we see on the internet is never the whole truth. Religious fights we see or indulge in on social media are often propagated by politically motivated anti-social elements who doesn’t want us Indians to unite. They want to divide us to collect their votes. Zakir Khan’s post shows us the mirror and reminds us how we really are.

Check the post.

Muslim Zakir ko Hindu dost Merry Christmas wish karte hain.

Wahin Diwali par mere Muslim dost Mujhe Diwali Mubarak Ke tohfe bhejte hain.

Mai bahut saare Hindu doston ko janta hoon jo Eid par sevaiya bana liya karte hai. Kai baar toh Eid Ke liye mujhse jayada woh excited lagte hain.

Mai saalon tak mere dost Krishnakant Joshi Ke mohalle me Navratri Aur ghanesh Chaturthi Ke jalse ko host karta raha. Aaj bhi uska mohalla Mujhe apne maholle se jayada apna lagta hai.

Mera school Christian Catholic missionary tha, mere jayadatar dost Sikh ya Punjabi hai. Mere Jeevan me shayad yahin meri sabse badi kamai hai ki koi Sikh dost Mujhe Baba Nanak ki tasveer dene pehle mera majhab Nahi sochta.

Iss mulk se Maine yahin paaya hai. Sabke sanskaaron ki ijjat Aur sabke reeti riwajon ka Maan rakh lena ki parwarish mere maa-baap ne Badi taqidi se Mujhe di hai. Shayad yahin cheeze jaane anjaane Mujhe itne saare logon ka pyar dilati hai.

Meri Zindagi ki yahin sabse badi khushkismati hai ki Mai iss mulk me paida hua Aur yahan Ke aab-o-hawa me mai bada hua.

This is what this country has taught us!! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise:)

Jai hind Aur merry Christmas!!!

Let’s not fall into someone’s politically motivated agenda. Let’s not get divided.

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