Firangi Girl Was Stereotyping India; Desi Girl Wins With A Savage Comeback!

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While India is one of the fastest growing economies today, the stereotypes around India still prevail on foreign land. Many foreigners still believe that India is a dirty country where everyone takes a dump on roads everyday. Well, what do we say! Media does leave negative influence on people sometimes, like this case.

One such firangi girl came across an Indian girl recently. But the Indian girl gave her a lesson that everyone stereotyping India should always remember.

A foreigner approached Shilpa Shinde, a female biker based in Pune on Facebook and had an interesting conversation. Here’s what she said during the conversation,

I heard India is dirty. People shit openly on roads and everywhere. It’s disgusting.

To which, Shilpa responded.

Don’t believe everything you hear and see about India in news or movies. India is a very different than what they show in movies.

But the girl refused to believe her and called her a liar.

What Shilpa replied next deserves an applause. Shilpa took a jibe at her and taught her a lesson for life. It is not only lesson for this girl, but everyone who stereotypes other countries and people.

Here’s the conversation.




While open defecation is still a sad reality in some parts of India, people should not generalize it.

With Government’s Swachh Bharat mission and other clean India projects, we are working towards making India a better place to live in. Many cities of India have become slum-free. Almost entire India will become slum-free in coming years.

We’re already working on our shortcomings. We don’t expect your support, but expect you to stop generalizing and stereotyping, not only India, every country.

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