13 Signs That Your Roommate Is A God Sent Saviour In Your Life!

13 Signs That Your Roommate Is A God Sent Saviour In Your Life!

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Having the best roommate will take care of your entire hostel life. I am sure you will agree if you know you had/have the best roommate. School and college becomes easy to sail through when your comfort person is right next to you. Read below and you’ll relate to each and everything!!

1. He/She is your 24*7 companion. No loneliness ever! You guys hang out with each other and never get bored.

2. If you two are the same size, it is a blessing right! Beg and borrow or steal and borrow. You’re free to do anything with your roomie’s wardrobe.

3. Home trips are all about getting home cooked food. More than what your roomie gets for themselves, they get for you.

4. You two have won the roomies award year on year and flaunt it proudly. What better validation.

5. Assignments are a cake walk. Thanks to the genius that your roomie is.

6. You two have rubbed habits (good and bad) on each other and now everything works on mutual understanding. Yes, you’re that comfortable with your roomie.

7. He/ She is the one who will get food for you while you are busy talking to your bf/ gf over the phone.

8. You two share a wallet. Spending may or may not be mutual.

9. You two are always excited about decorating your room. Ghar wali feeling.

10. Your roomie has got the neck of anyone who hurts you. Your love interest too.

11. You don’t mind doing the extra jobs for each other. Be it washing clothes, utensils, or cleaning around.

12. Those chill and drink sessions with your roomie help you forget all the stress. You are always at ease because you know you are never going to be judged. You two always share a positive vibe.

13. Lastly, you have learnt a big deal of life lessons from your roomie.

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