10 Shows Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Add To Their Watchlist Right Away!

10 Shows Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Add To Their Watchlist Right Away!

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At some point in our 20s something, we all have been at a stage where all we wanted to do is become an entrepreneur. Or may be some of us are at that stage right now. What we sometimes need is a little push and a lot of inspiration to achieve our goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

While you are working on your business idea or growing your business or searching for an investor or enjoying the flight your business has just taken all the TV shows listed below will be completely relatable. These all American TV shows also give great insights on the various stages an entrepreneur is at in their journey.

1. Shark Tank

This is a reality TV show where in budding entrepreneurs seek funding from panelists (business moguls/Sharks) to whom they pitch their ideas. This is either to grow their business or save it in the nick of time. This show gets some amazing and different products on stage. You also learn a lot about pitching your business ideas and their profitability. Not only do the Sharks invest in the ideas but they also mentor the entrepreneurs which gives way to the next show

2. Beyond the Tank

The entrepreneurs who achieved investments for their companies from the Sharks now work as a team to make the best use of the funds for their business. This show throws light on every aspect that an entrepreneur deals with after they receive the initial funding. You learn about hiring, recruiting, stock inventory, and much more. It also touches the soft point where in the owner finds it difficult to get control of his own business.

3. Small Business Revolution

Again an American TV show where a team of business experts work with small businesses to revitalize a small town and thrive locally as well as globally. If you are thinking of setting up a retail business and depend on the touch and feel of products, you will be able to relate a lot to this show.

4. The Profit

This reality show is about how the CEO of a multi-million-dollar business quests for struggling businesses, helps them by investing, fixing mistakes and making it profitable for the company and for him. It talks about how crucial business basics are and the hand in hand working of people process and product.

5. How I Made My Millions

This is a super motivational show where in you get to hear the stories to success of a few big brands only to tell you failure is a stepping stone to success. A good idea, hard work, perseverance, resilience and a little bit of luck is how you reach success. Entrepreneurs on the show tell us how often it is the simplest ideas that become million-dollar revenue businesses. No entrepreneurial venture reaches the top without its own share of difficulty and struggle.

6. Silicon Valley

All about setting up a tech company in a highly competitive market. It is a comedy series which follows the life of a computer programmer and his friends desperate to take advantage of the high tech gold rush. It also shows how they set up a company, try and get investment from VCs, business tycoons, situations they face in Silicon Valley. It is realistic and shows accurate observations of what is involved in setting up a tech company

7. Girl Starter

All about girls in this reality TV show. They are tested for their skills and resilience in the business world. The girls are required to develop new products in teams of two and the winning ideas will be funded and supported. It gives a step by step account of the stages that an entrepreneur goes through right after ideation.

8. Billion Dollar Buyer

A chairman and CEO of a hospitality firm, Tilman Fertitta puts an annual budget of $2 bn to help American small businesses by spending time with them, sampling products, getting to know owners, and pushing for improvement. Each episode has two small firms Tilam deals with. After he has done his due diligence, he decides to place an order with one/two/neither of the firms. A lot of emphasis is laid on financials, liquidity, digital marketing, required change, and also finding that 1% something that is wrong in the firm.

9. The Empire

A major wealthy family drama where in sons fight to get control of a business their multi-millionaire father is going to leave to one of them. The resurrection of family problems when money is involved is aptly portrayed here. Yet, there are important lessons like importance of cultivating strong leadership skills, knowing when to diversify, knowing when to stick to things or let go. The show is not about the business statistics but about business values.

10. How It’s Made

Quite intriguing! It shows how items we need and use in our everyday lives are made and what goes behind the making of diverse products like chocolates or MRI scanners. If you have a thing for production, systems, processes or are going to try your hand at manufacturing goods, or simply inquisitive about how things work, this show is worth a watch.

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