Matrimonial Profile Of This Guy Is So Legendary That It’ll Steal Your Heart!

This guy has 100% chance of stealing your girl.2 min

In the times of ‘right swipes’ and ‘Netflix and Chill’, millennials really don’t want to get married. While we are trying our best to avoid marriage talks in family, staying away from matrimonial sites and trying not to fall into long term relationships; thisΒ one matrimonial profile is going to shake all your beliefs.

Twitter user Harsha Agrawal shared matrimonial profile of a guy named Vignesh Kamat. The Tweet has received hundreds of retweets and likes; and apparently it is going viral. I know you must be wondering, how impressive a matrimonial profile can get? But you’ll have to see it yourself to believe it.

Here are some highlights from the profile.

1. His family, occupation and education.

2. He goes on to list down his qualities.

3. His expectations will instantly win your heart.

4. This is the best part of the profile.

5. And this disclaimer at the end will make you fall in love with him.

Check out complete profile.

Thank you Harsha Agrawal for bringing this guy into our lives.

Girls, this guy proves that good guys are out there. Hang on!

Guys, this guy just set a higher benchmark for y’all. Step up.

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