Story Of Couple Who Fell In Love On Rahul Gandhi's Facebook Page Fake; Alleges The Girl.

Remember Couple Who Met On Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook Page? Girl Shares Other Side!

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We did a story on 29th January 2019 about a couple who met on Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page for the first time, girl liked boy’s comment in support of Narendra Modi, they both met, eventually fell in love and got married. The guy had shared this in a tweet with photo with the girl.

But the story has turned out to be false as the girl involved has come up with her side of the story.

The girl has accused boy of stealing her image without consent to make up the story. She has also alleged the boy of torturing her mentally and physically. She has shared her side of the story through series of Tweets.

She further says,

I am just 18 years old and he is 29 although his face doesn’t reflect so. First of all, he used my image without my knowledge and consent for his own benefit of publicity. He used this as a means to glorify his image in @BJP and social media.

The girl alleged the boy of mental and physical torture.

He tortured me both mentally and physically till the extent that I tried committing suicide. His family supported him in doing so. I didn’t have the freedom to even step out of their house without a member accompanying me in the name of honour.

She further added,

My loyalty for him was doubted to the extent that he clarified many times what was I doing even when I was in the bathroom. I had to show him each and everything I did on my phone or he would snatch my phone away. He never respected my personal space.

This is her last Tweet.

I seriously doubt if his feelings were true for me. Is this what a #modibhakt does in the name of bhakti?

Alpika Pandey has put forward pretty serious accusations against the guy. He must face consequences if the accusations are proven to be true.

Jay Dave, guy who has originally posted the story, deleted the tweet on the same day we published the article on it. Girl’s side of the story has been confirmed by girl’s brother Abhishek Pandey.

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