7 Horror Films Releasing In 2019 That’ll Make You Recite Hanuman Chalisa All Night Long

You won't complain about feeling alone after watching these. Bet you're gonna sleep with one eye open. 3 min

2018 was a rather adventurous year for horror flick lovers. With movies like IT and A Quiet Place making major waves and The Nun from The Conjuring franchise getting mixed reviews, the year sure had a lot to offer.

This year seems even more exciting in this aspect. So those of you who complained about being alone on Valentine’s day, we bet watching these will NEVER make you feel like you’re alone. Here are some of the anticipated horror movie releases of ’19.

1. IT: Chapter 2

The first film was most anticipated, and a mega hit. In the second movie Pennywise seemed like he had been banished, but has obviously returned to scare the bejeezus out of young peeps, as the ones who have grown up from the first film, has to defeat the clown once and for all.

2. The Curse of La Llorona

A monster with a hunger for kids, jump scare moments, some blood bath- sure shot way to become an insomniac! This movie is inspired by the legend of the Weeping Woman from Mexican folklore. The spine chilling legend says that the story is of a woman who is a lost soul who drowned her own children, and now looks for other children to kill.

3. Brightburn

If a kid from an alien world lands on Earth, but instead of becoming Clark Kent-like superhero. This movie explores what happened if a someone ended up being evil instead of good unlike Superman. Mix it with some creepy-ass music and a masked villain, this is a superhero horror film you’d really wanna watch.

4. Us

Family visiting a beach house for some timepass and chill. Family of four is approached by four asked strangers, who turn out to be extremely twisted versions of the family themselves. Jordan Peele’s second directorial venture after Get Out this one seems to be quite the smashing hit.

5. Pet Sematary

Based on a popular Stephen King novel, stars John Lithgow and Jason Clarke and is a remake on massively popular 1989 film.

What could go wrong when a family that moves into a brand new house, that just happens to have a creepy cemetery behind it.

6. Doctor Sleep

This movie is based on Stephen King’s 2013 novel of the same name. A sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, this movie is sure to get your attention. The story of this movie follows an adult Danny Torrance dealing with a whole host of unwelcome problems, including severe trauma from the events of the first film.

7. Child’s Play

We are all scared of dolls after Chucky scared us back in 1988. Child’s Play isthe remake of the original and shows an evil doll that comes to life and is in love with knives. Chucky is a legend in himself, which made us want to give up on dolls – especially smiling ones.

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