6 Reasons Why Kaju Katli Is Real Bae

6 Reasons Why Kaju Katli Is The Real Bae!

Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.3 min

It’s a debate, what may be the best mithai out there. As if class and tier system were not enough for people, some even put sweets in this system, questioning where mankind – sorry – peoplekind is heading after-all.

All sweets are good in their place, but Kaju Katli is special in its own way.

No matter how many sweet dishes make it to the strictly subjective top tiers; the thin, smooth, instantly melt in mouth goodness will remain everyone’s top favorite. Here’s why.

1. Nostalgia

Who hasn’t snuck in a few Kaju Katlis for themselves when mom would put them out for relatives? The quintessential sweet for every celebration, there’s not a single Indian occasion when Kaju Katli is absent.

2. Simplicity Is Key

By simplicity, we do not just mean the appearance. This is the only sweet that does not need to sell itself. It’s going to be chosen when on a plate by default.

The cashew goodness is too good to let go. And of course, cashew is healthy too. But mind you, making these at home needs real practice – needs perfect mix of creamy cashew consistency and sweetness. Don’t underestimate the power of a halwai, we say!

3. Silver Coating

You know how they say there’s always a silver lining to any situation? Well, Kaju Katli is the physical manifestation of this phrase.

We mean, who can resist the sublime taste of cashew with mawa, which is so visually appealing?

4. Variety is the spice (sweet) of life

This is one item that tastes delicious in every single variant it comes in.

People add chocolate, saffron, rose, pistachios and various ingredients, which only enhance the sweet when mixed with the creaminess of Kaju. And hey! There are Kaju Katli sandwiches too! YUM!

5. It’s The Comfort Sweet

For those of us who are not exactly chocolate lovers, Kaju Katli is the best offering a halwai would have for us. So when we’re feeling low, it’s Kaju Katli we turn to, to feel better about life

It’s no-nonsense, sweet only as much as required, and has some real texture to it, if you know what I mean. Perfect comfort after a rough day.

6. No Need To Overstate The Obvious

Well there’s been enough debate about this, right? We all know that no matter how many times some of them decide to downplay Kaju Katli, it already has a special place in our hearts that no sweet will replace.

So, let everyone shout from the rooftops and display other sweets as superior. But when you know something’s epic, you just know!

Special thanks to Kaushal Thakkar and folks at Thakkar Motiharji Mithaiwala for beautiful pics.