Ranveer Singh Jumps Into The Crowd Hurting People, Internet Is Furious!

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Ranveer Singh knows how to stay in limelight 24×7. Be it wearing unique clothing or performing stunts in public place. One of his such recent stunts seems to have failed. He was on promotion of his upcoming film Gully Boy at Lakme fashion week in Mumbai.

He along with rapper Naezy and other artists sand Apna Time Aayega and then the actor decided to dive into the audience. But the dive didn’t go smoothly. The actor fell on members of the audience, leaving the audience sprawling on the ground.

Twitter is obviously pissed off.

Twitter users are sharing photo of a new article in Mid Day newspaper’s 4th Feb edition titled “The Rough Landing” where Singh is seen jumping along with the members of the audience on ground.

The user further wrote,

Ranveer fans actually have the audacity to talk about random negative SRK incidents from the past. Being a fan of a person makes people so dumb. Why can’t you accept that the person you stan isn’t a God, he’s a mere human. Just accept his idiocy and hope he never repeats it.

Another user posted,

One user also shared video from the event.

People are seemingly furious with the actor.

One user was also seen defending the actor.

We’d definitely suggest Ranveer Singh to inform audience in advance before performing such stunts in future.

[Photo Credits: Sayyed Sameer Abedi, Mid Day]

Nisarg Joshi