How It Feels To Be Among The Few Millennials Who Hate Online Shopping!

It is only lucrative and unhealthy business.4 min

We are not old-fashioned nor do we repel technology. We are amongst those people who just don’t prefer shopping online because going to physical stores has so many positives than sitting on the laptop and ordering stuff. It only means more satisfaction and trust. Let me tell you about a few reasons we hate shopping online.


You just cannot compromise on the real look, feel, and touch of products especially clothes


God knows why but you have always found better deals in physical stores than online. Nevertheless, the quality too


You have had more than 10 bad experiences of the products that arrive look nothing like the pictures you saw online


With the advent of online shopping, socializing with your girlfriends or spending time with your better halves while shopping in a mall never happens


There is a great chance of overbuying or buying unnecessary stuff when shopping online. Why adhere to product recommendations!!


Too many choices are equal to too much confusion! You get completely lost while shopping online


Buying footwear online is unimaginable for you! How can you purchase something that you are not sure is your size or comfortable to walk?


You feel too vulnerable as an online shopper. You question the originality of products thanks to the number of scams that keep happening in the online world


Have a curvy figure? Well, the online size chart is never ever going to work for you. Exchanges and returns become an inevitable part of your online shopping saga


You cannot be sure if a new style looks good on you unless you try it out!


Online shopping is as addictive as social media. You tend to keep browsing for things you don’t intend to buy


You totally hate the tedious process of exchanges and refunds. You rather go to a store nearby and get your things sorted


You don’t understand the logic of deciding your size based on a model online who is always wearing a small size with the perfect fit. Not enough to decide your size.


Your near and dear ones know that you dislike online gift cards. They rather get you a gift card from your favorite store in town


You are an advocate of physical stores because you appreciate human interaction, the physical activity that takes place, an environment, the hullabaloo on sale days, and going out with your best people to either shop or just have fun window shopping

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