Lilly Singh Owned Feminism, Sexuality & Mental Health Issues Like A BAWSE In Her New Music Video!

Lilly Singh Owned Feminism, Sexuality & Mental Health Issues Like A BAWSE In Her New Music Video!

She has nailed the issues we face by making hit Bollywood numbers into empowering raps... It is so awesome... We cannot even!2 min

Lilly Singh is truly the queen we all look up to. The Superwoman has recently dropped a rap music video called ‘If Bollywood Songs We Rap’, and boy, oh boy are we OBSESSED!

In the video, she has chosen three of Bollywood’s popular songs, and turned them into empowering raps. The songs are about feminism, mental health issues and acceptance of sexuality respectively.

The Indian-Canadian comedian, known by her moniker IISuperWomanII, released the video on Thursday on her official YouTube channel, where she has performed on the songs – Choli Ke Peeche, All Izz Well and Aankh Maarey.

With rappers often offensively objectifying women and their bodies, Lilly had a fit reply for them as a young, empowered and successful brown woman.

These are a few of the rap lyrics that kick serious ass with some lyrics like ‘What position I like’ ‘The Head of the table’

“My sister got double DDs
Her ambition even bigger
I got phat stretch marks
yaar mainu koi nai fikar”

Next up she wows us with All izz, and talks about how each one of us sleep with anxiety as our companion at night, and well, mental health issues are more common than you think, and IT IS OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP!

So those who think ‘thinking positive thoughts’ will sort us out instead of talking, well here’s a lesson for ya!

“Man eff taboos
Take care of yourself
Everything means nothing
without mental health”

The third song-rap is Aankh Maarey, and LILLY. BLOODY. OWNS. THE. FLOOR

Lilly recently announced that she is bisexual. And what better way that to make a super empowering and amazeballs video about it. The lyrics say it all where she is trying to woo a man, but gets smitten by a woman…

“I’m trying to make you notice me
I’m wondering what you think of me
You really got me focusing
But then a queen winked at me”

We think, this video needs to be the youth anthem, and if you have not watched it yet, here it is: