15 Best Pieces From The Zine The Right Foot That You Need To Read Right Now!

15 Best Pieces From The Zine “The Right Foot” That You Need To Read Right Now!

Drop everything and read this right now.5 min

You know how in schools they always asked us to express ourselves. How to draw, how to read, how to write, how to recite. That’s when we dropped everything, we were brought to imagine, to create, to be. We all are built with some very sensitive, emotional, expressive corners in heart. There is some or the other story being created in that one corner, which we rarely choose to visit, which we should visit really often. No matter what you engage yourself with in your life, at some point in your day, you need something light, you seek for something to connect with. Some of us don’t choose to express, we instead just choose to relate and connect. While some of us choose to express, more and more, in order to touch someone with art. Art is everywhere.

At some point in life, we all have engaged ourselves with art. We all have had secret diaries, or drawers filled with drawing books. Some also were fond of scrapbooks. The only thing that went wrong was, nobody really introduced us to the idea of ZINES. A zine is nothing but a very raw, honest, random piece of art. This a really very old concept. It is like a magazine or can be like a fanzine too. A zine is a culture in itself. It is like a book, but not just another book. It doesn’t follow any format. It is random, raw and honest. If you are looking for a Wikipedia definition, “a zine is a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier.” Basically, a zine can be illustrations, photographs, write ups, scribbled diagrams, conversations, anything that is art. It can also be a combination of everything together.

The artists that you hear about are not the only artists alive. ‘Zinesters’ are the people who write zines! Zines are something we all need to be introduced to. “I want to invent a mirror that mirrors the inner-beauty” says one such great zinester, Shobhit Shyam Narang. A believer of old school romance, his life revolves around art. Call it travelling, love, brokenness, self love, vulnerability, relations, humanity or spirituality, his zine covers it all. A zine that we need to read now, the zinester that we need to know about.

Here’s the curation of 15 best pieces from “The Right Foot”.

1. Your home seems home because of all the homemakers. They deserve every bit of respect.

2. This will hit you hard in heart.

3. Worth taking a screenshot!

4. Ouch!

5. Learn something out of the book. Absorb the beauty around you. Everything has a story to tell. Everything has a lesson to teach. Learn something new.

6. Put this in your “self love” list.

7. ” I earn a lot… but just emotions!” What a true artist!

8. More zines might bring some change too.

9. Now you know how to deal with a bad day! Sleep over it.

10. Take some time out for the things you love. Now.

11. Now that’s some heart warming poetry.

12. Broken, but beautiful.

13. Grow more artists because every heart needs some dose of art.

14. Not just write ups, but a zine talks about anything that’s art. Random art.

15. “Experiments and art” like he mentioned. When he talked about the “blackouts” in the zine. What story do you create out of a story? Scribble out. Make your own story.

Shobhit Shyam Narang, we can’t thank you enough for contributing your brilliant work. Thank you for being one of those who spread the idea of a “zine.” Preventing zine culture is so important and for all the right reasons. With your zine, you’ve surely melted a lot of hearts out there. With your art, you’ve touched many hearts.

As an artist, your mission seems accomplished. We wait out here, for your new zines to come out.