An Open Letter To The Homophobes

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To all those who fear, hate, or are discomforted by the people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, to all those who are homophobic, to all those who do not believe in non-binary gender equality, here are some facts that you should know.

Firstly, let’s get familiar with some terms.

L: Lesbian

G: Gay

B: Bisexual

T: Transgender

Q: Queer

I: Intersexual

A: Asexual

P: Pansexual

So, from now on you will not use the words ‘faggot’, ‘pansy’, ‘dyke’ ‘chhaka/chhaki’, etc. or insult the way they choose to be (or choose not to be).

Don’t exactly know if you’re homophobic? Simple test, if two girls or two guys kissing give you more discomfort than a girl and a guy kissing, then you need a broader mind. Those people are not entitled to your opinion.

Your ‘dislike’, ‘fear’, or ‘hatred’ may be expressed through name-calling, shunning, mocking, intimidation, verbal or physical harassment or acts of discrimination. Being homophobic is as bad as being anti-feminist, or being racist. Homophobia is technically sexism. If you cannot accept a person’s gender preference (or non-preference) and don’t behave justly with them, you disturb the spirit of equality amongst all living beings. The number of hate crimes against LGBTQ+ community in various countries shows the intolerance faced by the people.

For those of you thinking ‘if I keep my opinions to myself, then why is me being homophobic so bad?’ If you did keep your opinions to yourself, you would not have to ask that question in the first place. Perhaps it wasn’t through stating your views but showing by your behavior how you feel. Your biased reactions, comments, or expressions might make a homosexual person uneasy. You need to know that coming out for a homosexual person is not a simple task. Their parents might kick them out, they might lose their job, they get teased and laughed at, and they might not be accepted by their friends and family.

Be good to people. Don’t make world a living hell for them. God loves us all. He’ll accept us all. You don’t need to worry about it. They are all your fellow beings. Their sexual orientation does not make them non-human or incapable of their work and jobs. If a friend, relative, co-worker, classmate, or any other acquaintance comes out you, support them. Don’t cringe or walk away. Don’t tell them that it’s just a phase. Don’t make them feel unwanted or any less human. They deserve to be treated nicely and equally.

If there is one thing Harry Potter taught us, it is that no one deserves to live in a closet.


PS: To all the LGBTQ+s out there, don’t you tolerate this discrimination. Don’t you ever think that it was your fault. If you are picked on, inform a senior, trustworthy authority. Defend yourself. Remember, love is love. You deserve to be happy. And you are needed.

Team BuddyBits
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