Can You Make A Film In 50 Hours Participate in Asia's Largest Content Fest IFP & Showcase Your Film On TV

Can You Make A Film In 50 Hours? Participate in Asia’s Largest Content Fest IFP & Showcase Your Film On TV!

Your chance to showcase your film on TV, internet and win prizes worth 12 lac!2 min

“I don’t dream at night, I dream at day, I dream all day; I’m dreaming for a living.”

– Steven Spielberg

There is not a single on earth who hasn’t watched a film. Films have changed lives; brought dreams to reality. They are the portal to our past, the future or a completely unknown times. They have been giving us chills, breaking our hearts and taking our breaths away, all through the way they are told, frame by frame.

In this changing world of 0s and 1s, film-making is available to everyone and India Film Project is on a quest to find the best of filmmakers and content creators. Since its inception in 2011, IFP has become the biggest platform for upcoming filmmakers to compete, collaborate, create, and most importantly, to learn.

The major attraction of India Film Festival is their flagship, 50 Hours Filmmaking Challenge. Over the years, 50 Hours Filmmaking Challange has become an Olympics for filmmakers and content creators. The challenge runs for exactly 50 hours and it invites teams from India and around the globe to script, shoot and create a film on a theme given right before the contest.

50 Hours Filmmaking Challange can be competed in three categories of Mobile, Amateur and Professional. Mobile category is open for everyone and the films are to be shot on mobile phones with a camera resolution of minimum 1080p. Amateur categories is for teams whose team leader has made less than three films. Any team with three or more films should register for Professional category. Professional category teams are required to submit their portfolio and links to their previous works.

Upon registration, teams will make their films on the theme which will be revealed at 8 pm on 27th September. They will be required to script, shoot and submit their films on or before 10 pm of 29th September. The films will then be watched by the jury members consisting renowned filmmakers Abhishek Chaubey, Anjali Menon, Pan Nalin and Pradeep Sarkar.

The winners will be announced during the weekend long India Film Project Festival starting on 13th October. Winning films will get theatrical release at PVR multiplexes. The top 50 films will be released on MTV over a period of six months. The winners also get a one-to-one jury mentorship. Prizes worth a total of 12 lac are also a major attraction of the 50 hours challenge. This year, BuddyBits has partnered with IFP to share some of the best films on its platform.

So what are you waiting for? Register yourself on IFP’s website before 26th September and showcase your talent to the largest content creation gathering happening in Asia.

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