16 Short Films That Won 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge At India Film Project Season 9!

These films were made under 50 hours!4 min

35000 filmmakers from 325 cities across 14 countries came together to make 1700 short-films within 50 hours at 9th season of Asia’s largest content festival, India Film Project. 1700 teams participated in IFP’s flagship 50 Hour Filmmaking challenge in the last week of September. Jury consisting of renowned filmmakers like Abhishek Chaubey, Anjali Menon, Pan Nalin and Pradeep Sarkar picked 16 best short films from the 1700 films that were made during the challenge.

Here are 16 winning films from IFP 9’s 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge that you can binge-watch right now.

Professional Category

Paul (Platinum Film of the year)

Story of a man who overcame his obstacle of stuttering in an unconventional way to become a pioneer of nootropics.

Gaura (Gold Film of the year)

A story that talks about how a girl found her inspiration to take action against cutting down of forests on large scale from an event called the Chipko movement. The passion and grit of Gaura Devi to save the trees of her village drove her actions.

Perfect Gods (Silver Film of the year)

This film shows the plight of sculptors from Mahabalipuram who command respect for their passion. Expect a dramatic twist that sheds light on their passion.

Inside (Bronze Film of the year)

Passion is not all about winning or losing if you truly lives the art it leads to you towards the more creative ideas n that ideas leads leads your passion in a infinite journey the film is all about the infinite journey of learning the art, how and where it leads to is all in the film.

Tales of Passion – A biopic of an environmentalist (#5 Film of the year)

A day in the life of a passionate environmentalist.

Mere Papa Google Par (My Signature Award)

A father realizes he needs to follow his passion when his daughter asks him one question that stirs all emotions.

Amateur Category

Janu (Platinum Film of the year)

A nostalgic lyrical narrative of a guy who is love with his bike inculcated by passion for his bike by his father.

Thanthooni Thuruthu (Gold Film of the year)

A guy remembers his past, from a journey in his life, through the roads he travelled. The past is his reason to road.

Mehsoos (Silver Film of the year + Best use of Adobe Premiere Pro for Editing)

Some people are with you when you can feel everything. But some people stay even when you can’t feel anything and these are the people that become your reason to hit the road and take on the journey called life.

Inside (Bronze Film of the year)

Anjaan tells the story of a grandson experiencing his reason to road on a road trip on which he his reluctant to go but is forced to go due his grand father who was an ex-biker and want him to go on a road trip just like him so that he can learn and experience the beautiful things nature has to offer.

Bandish (#5 Film of the year + Best use of Mirrorless Camera for Cinematography)

“Bandish” is a story of a common man who is stuck between his constant routine to achieve his gateway for a ‘Get Away.’

Mobile Category

Kheer (Platinum Film of the year)

Kheer is the story of how women even in simple everyday lives, have to face patriarchy and that protest against it can be the subtlest show of determination.

Itwar (Gold Film of the year)

How little things can stop us from leading a normal life and how much of courage it takes to even address them.

Flawed (Silver Film of the year)

This film is about an unusual love story. It covers all the aspects that what really stops us from taking one step towards our happiness.

Shot Down (Bronze Film of the year)

An aspiring writer is navigating her way through toxic relationships, lack of self worth and a writer’s block. It’s her journey of finding her voice, bringing her characters to life and letting them help her write her story. She learns that opinions will always exist, but how much do they control you is in your hands. Either they will shoot you down, or you will shoot them down but it’s always your choice.

The Dream Project (#5 Film of the year)

Tisham Sinha an independent working woman finds what worth feminism is.

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