Trailer Of National Award Winning Gujarati Film "Hellaro" Just Dropped And It's EPIC!

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss “Hellaro”

The movie got standing ovation and loudest applaud for several minutes after the screening!3 min

“Brilliant movie!”

“I literally had Goosebumps at one point!”

“Awesome movie after such a long time!”

These were some of the snippets of conversations I overheard, as I exited the theatre after watching Hellaro. My reaction? I left the place and did not speak to anyone for a while, allowing this movie to sink in. For a one-line review on Hellaro, here it is

After the movie screening, the entire theatre stood up and started applauding for several minutes, not stopping for the longest time until we were told to.

Curious ki aisa toh kya hai is movie mein? Here are my views on Hellaro. Here are 5 reasons that make Hellaro a must watch film:

1. Hellaro won two National Awards including Best Feature Film across all languages this year!

A much talked about film, Hellaro is originally a 2018 film, and is also the first Gujarati film to win the National Film Award for “Best Feature Film” (Go Dholiwood!). Not just that, the thirteen female actresses also won the Special Jury Award for their performances, and it is officially selected to be opening film at IFFI Goa. Coming in with such high recommendations, even if you go in with high expectations, the movie will serve you beyond your expectations.

2. Garba!

In the words of the director Abhishek Shah, the hero of the story is Garba. In the words of a friend I discussed this movie with, Garba is not just a dance, it is an emotion. You can feel a plethora of emotions and still play Garba – it is freedom for us. Watch the trailer to see some beautiful choreography, and watch how a movie with the lead as Garba and how it can astonish you.

3. Cinematography

With some beautiful scenes shot, Hellaro is a treat to watch. Filled with colours and music, some shots may stay with you even after you have exited the cinema hall. Good angles and attention to details is given, so your OCD might get satisfied while watching this movie!

4. The Drop

No spoilers, but the movie manages to surprise you. It will not only allow, but also make you think about the situation that their lead protagonists are facing. A story based on a folklore, it talks about patriarchy and its deep-rooted “traditions” that one has to follow according to the gender you occupy.

5. Raw, Vivid Portrayals and storytelling

Absolutely wonderful dialogues, delivery, and characters played by the actors in the film, it is not a happy-happy movie. It is instead romanticising the history and makes you think of a “what if?” scenario quite often. The storyline is remnant of a time before you and I were born, and gets the details right. The storytelling is fluid with no sudden breaks, and gets you comfortable with the pace of the film. You won’t feel that it is rushed or half cooked, it is 2 hours of a visual delight.

Go watch Hellaro in theatres near you soon!

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