COVID 19 In India You Have No Idea What is Coming

COVID-19 In India: You Have No Idea What’s Coming!

Seriousness of Corona Pandemic explained.3 min

Even though the spread of Corona virus or COVID-19 has been fairly controlled in India, this is no time to let down your guard. Take precautions and stay safe for as long as it takes.

The purpose of this headline is NOT to create any sort of panic. But if you ask me, honestly, it IS meant to scare you a bit. Sometimes, fear is important. Fear makes you take necessary precautions. Fear makes you be careful and stay safe. Believe it or not, sometimes, fear helps you think rationally. This applies especially on those who think they are immune to this ongoing Pandemic.

Here’s a tweet by Jason Yanowitz, an Italian resident to put things in perspective for all of you.

यह Tweet Thread हिंदी में यहाँ पढ़ा जा सकता है

Jason explains the outbreak of this capricious and unanticipated viral infection through various stages. According to him, stage one was simply the news and identification of a virus called COVID-19 in any given country.

Naturally, nobody is worried or scared or taking precautions at this stage. (YOU SHOULD! YES, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.)

A quick and efficient response at this stage can save your country from the Epidemic, but that almost never happens. Neither did it happen in Italy. Sadly, the outbreak proceeds to Stage-2.

Just in case, you are not getting the underlying sarcasm in all these tweets- EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. NOTHING IS. But guess what? It can be! If you be careful and take all necessary precautions. What precautions? READ HERE!

Sadly, for Italy, the outbreak wasn’t taken as seriously as it should have been. It only got worse. Here’s where things get out of hand. The stage 3-

By stage 3, the government in Italy was at war with the virus. They were doing everything required. But, the truth about this outbreak is that it cannot simply be controlled by lawmakers and enforcers.


But as far as Italy was concerned, the people never understood that and the stage 4 came knocking.

It’s a National Disaster. Apart from the rising dead count, the entire country is also undergoing a brutal and unforgettable trauma.

Let me reassert the fact that this whole disaster in Italy could have been averted IF ONLY the people in general were more cooperative and cautious.

The entire Tweet thread is also available in Hindi via the link below.

एक बार फिर आपको बता दें, यह Tweet Thread हिंदी में यहाँ पढ़ा जा सकता है-

Italy couldn’t be saved. They had to endure this evil. But our country still has a chance.

The onus of saving our country and its entire population now lies on each one of us. Take all the precautionary measures very seriously. Stay at home as much as you can. We have all learnt how sometimes, defense is the best offense. That’s it. That’s how we fight COVID-19.

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