Life Paused

How our lives are reshaping beautifully in these tough times1 min

Quarantined in our room, we suddenly connect back to our roots. Our family, our true friends and most importantly ourself

We travel back to those good old days without show-offs but real smiles and not the fake ones. We discover that our hobbies are still intact, pretty well.

Movies, songs and videos calls are keeping us busy while the old photos in our album are lifting our mood when we are sick and tired of what we are going through. It’s as if, the photos are trying to tell us that “hey lucky you, what a fascinating childhood you had! Cheer up buddy.”

Talking of time travel, even our very own Doordarshan joined the bandwagon as if the channel itself is a time machine taking us back to the 90s with Ramayana, Mahabharat and Shaktiman. Well, this generation is finally getting a feel of how beautiful our childhood was.

Less amount of money in the bank, less demands, less stress since we did not have that knack of seeing that blue tick on WhatsApp or who viewed our Insta stories. It was all about real people, real smiles and pure happiness. That is what we are trying to live by now. Isn’t it?

This pause in life is life’s way of telling us “hey stop for bit buddy. You are speeding through life but stop, because if you don’t, you will start to hate that speed with which you are trying to take on the World.”

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