Medical Fraternity Is Touting “Starting Troubles” As The Most Authentic Medical Web-Series Of India

With the show “Starting Troubles,” it looks like the Medical fraternity of India have finally found an authentic representation of their eventful and challenging world.4 min

If there’s one rather unexplored territory of Indian Cinematic Universe, it is the genre of Medical Drama. With only a handful of shows out there, the medicos of India have never really gotten the story they have been looking for. Until Now!

With the show “Starting Troubles,” it looks like the Medical fraternity of India have finally found an authentic representation of their eventful and challenging world. Starting Troubles is the story of a passionate ENT Surgeon – Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, who is caught between passion, profession, entrepreneurship, and family life. In the very first episode, we find out that Dr. Jagdish is doing stand-up comedy because he has been expelled from his medical training and banned as a theatre actor. Watch the 6-episode hilarious journey to find out what happens next!

Here are a few of the reviews right out of the Doctor’s minds

Dr Ankur Gupta, ENT Surgeon from Noida says that, “I watched the show Starting Troubles a few days back. It is very well scripted and acted. The show reminds me of my ENT PG life. It’s really great to see an ENT surgeon’s performance as an actor and as a stand up comedian. I wish Dr. Jagdish all the best for his future as a surgeon and as an actor. Keep shining!”

Dr. Prajna Ranjani says that, “I binge watched all 6 episodes just now. Amazing stuff, hats off to the team! It’s like a proper biography… it’s very organic how things have been portrayed. The narration has been done beautifully… grounding, real, and relatable! Many more congratulations!”

These are only two of many such positive reviews that the show has revived from Doctors as well as Medical students. Here are a few of such reviews:

The web series was released on 15th of January and has received a very encouraging and welcoming response from the audience. One of the reasons why it is being touted as the most authentic medical web-series in India is the attention to details. Right from the names of the Episodes to the dialogues of Doctors in every episode – the series stays true to its roots. The name of every episode – Etiology, Clinical Symptoms, Pathophysiology, Investigations, Treatment, and Complications are excellent examples of word play that also make perfect sense medically.

Out of all the reviews that the show has revived, here’s one that is exceptionally special. This one comes directly from the Doctor on whom the role played by Renuka Sahane in ‘Starting Troubles’ is based on.

Dr. Ravi C Nayar who is a Professor of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery as well as the Dean of Academics at HCG Cancer hospital, Bengaluru watched the show and said,

The show is honest… shows an unexplored facet of the medical universe and derives its humour from genuine situations. Unexpected and abrupt! The format is unique… many streams in the story coalescing in the epiphany at the end.

Renuka Shahane portrays a strict medical instructor with harsh exterior but soft inner core. I wouldn’t have recognized her as me but many former students have. I have been quite thrilled to tell people about my closest brush with Bollywood so far.

The journey of “Starting Troubles” has only begun and it is encouraging for the makers to receive such warm and wonderful reviews right from the start. If you haven’t watched the show yet, start your 2 hours 20 minutes marathon of 6 episodes today and share your feedback in the comments.

Watch the first episode of #StartingTroublesOnBuddyBits here

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