6 Web-Series Medical Students Need To Watch ASAP!

6 Web-Series Medical Students Need To Watch ASAP!

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As a medical student, your professional life must be hectic and taxing. A medical school is a place full of challenges in itself. In the middle of all those challenges, assignments, books, classes, patients, and everything else – you definitely deserve a light-hearted break. And what’s better than a web-series for a quick getaway from your monotonous and chaotic life. But yes, we understand your loyalty towards your profession. And thus, we are here with a brilliant list of medical drama web-series.

These series will work as a much needed break and yet keep you in the mind space of medicine. So, without any delay, let’s explore these incredible series right out of the Medical World.

HOUSE – available on Amazon Prime video

House is a show that is touted as the best medical show ever by many critics out there. The popular actor Hugh Laurie plays the role of Dr. Gregory House in this funny and dramatic series. In the series – Dr. House, who solves mysterious cases in the most astonishing way, is the head of Diagnostic medicine and has a team of the best doctors in the world.

But that’s not it. Dr. House has several personal problems to deal with – his extremely troubling pain management issues being one of those.

Each and every episode of the show are brilliantly written and acted.

Operation MBBS – available on YouTube

This exciting and quirky web-series follows Huma, Sakshi, and Nishant (three undergraduate MBBS students) who become friends after initial quarrels.

Nishant is the son of a famous local doctor and is also the most notorious of the lot. Sakshi is a stubborn girl from a middle-class orthodox family who has worked hard to pursue her ambition of becoming a doctor. Huma is a brilliant student who could not get into AIIMS.

The series is all about their friendship, internal conflicts, and the journey towards becoming a Doctor. In the process, they end up helping the canteen owner’s son Akash begin his career who is also a medical aspirant. The series has the potential to be very relatable as well as motivating for medical students out there.

Grey’s Anatomy – available on Hotstar

Shonda Rhimes’ superhit TV series, Grey’s Anatomy is the longest running medical drama in the history of television. This series revolves around life of Meredith Grey and shows her journey right from a surgical intern to an attending Surgeon. There are several other noteworthy characters with excellent story arc.

The show is dramatic to its core and does a great job at it. It is incredibly entertaining to watch with romance, friendship, motivation, long lost relatives, and medical breakthroughs happening in every other episode.

Watch this series to witness all the possible emotions in a Doctor’s life.

Laakhon Mein Ek Season 2 – available on Amazon Prime video

Biswa Kalyan Rath and co-writers Abhishek Sengupta and Hussain Haidry accomplish an extraordinary feat through this humble but realistic 8-episode season of Laakhon Mein Ek.

The story follows junior doctor Shreya Pathare (Shweta Tripathi) who is an honest, sincere, and brave student. She is nominated by her district hospital CMO (Sandeep Mehta) to organize a cataract camp in the remote Maharashtrian village of Sitlapur.

How the story unfolds from here is quite shocking and terrifyingly real. While Shreya tries to be the quintessential agent of change, she ends up colliding with a much stronger syndicate of sloppy government healthcare mechanism and the medical black market.

Watch Laakhon Mein Ek for a reality check into the Indian Healthcare System and truly feel and empathize with the protagonist’s struggle.

The Good Doctor – available on Sony Liv

Here’s another series for medical students which displays the life of surgical residents but with an interesting twist. The drama follows the daily life of a young but brilliant autistic surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy, suffering from savant syndrome. His condition hampers his abilities to socialize with patients and colleagues and yet it also gives him a tremendous advantage over his peers.

Shaun sees the world differently; he can recall facts and minute details in seconds, he can see images of the body in his own mind, and he can retain information that spans the size of a medical library.

Watch this series to be infinitely motivated and reconfirm your belief in the Medical Science and Fraternity.

Starting Troubles – Available on YouTube

A Doctor is called many things from a healer to a saviour to even a God. But what happens when an ENT surgeon shares labels like “theatre actor” “entrepreneur” and “stand-up comedian?” And what happens when they try living up to all of these labels in one life? Well, in this story, that doctor inadvertently ends up “starting troubles.”

Starting Troubles is the story of a very expressive and passionate Doctor – Jagdish Chaturvedi, who is always hungry for more. While sometimes the world cannot match his pace & hunger, sometimes it’s him who is unable to match the world’s. And it is this mismatch that paves the way for a hilarious journey filled with love, laughter, and more as he ends up “starting troubles” while multitasking between passion, profession, entrepreneurship, and family life.

If you are looking for an entirely new and unique journey of Medical Drama + Comedy, this 6-episode web-series is definitely for you.

Watch the trailer here:

Start watching Starting Troubles here.

We hope that these suggestions help you wander into the much needed break from your hectic medical world. We also hope that your medical journey is a smooth and successful one with a little bit of drama and comedy of course. Keep reading and watching the “stories worth telling” on BuddyBits for more such enlightening and entertaining content.

Thank you for reading and all the best for your career ahead.

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