Meet The Director Of ‘The Lineup’, Anushka Parashar

Let’s delve into the journey of the poet cum director who translated poetry into film for our first original web series, ‘The Lineup.’3 min

Stability is branded into our minds, and creativity often stifled. It was no different with writer, director Anushka Parashar. She talks about her childhood as having no real connection with any sort of artistic activity unless it was academically inclined. Her first tryst with the creative realm involved enacting chapters out of the history textbook in order to retain them better. This led on to her indulging in the arts – dancing, acting and writing poetry. She holds poetry dear to her to this day as it enhanced her ability to express as both, an artist and a human.

After having tried her hand at various careers, she finally found filmmaking. Parashar took whatever she got – casting, production, writing, assisting or acting; and loved every minute of it. She liked how versatile the film industry was, and how in turn, it encouraged her own diversity. When financial stability comes knocking, all kinds of diversity take a backseat. Working at a full time job, she soon started missing the artist’s life and subsequently quit her job. After what seemed like an eternity of unemployment, she decided to make a music video. It did not amount to much and the waiting resumed.

Eventually, she gained several notable projects like short films, ‘Naina’, ‘Papa’, ‘Come Back Home’, with the latest being, The Lineup. This web series will be releasing on our very own BuddyBits on 26th February, 2021! It deep dives into the gravitas of the spoken word poetry art form and the strong divulge of emotions it so beautifully brings about. The show has been through a two-years-long journey of sleepless nights and dedicated hours, all to share our love for poetry with you. We are so excited and can’t wait for you to see it!

Perseverance and sticking it out are perhaps the best takeaways from Parashar’s story.

Knowing when not to quit, how long to let it simmer, without questioning its worth and everything one would be giving up for it, is perhaps, the most imperative skill ever. Anushka Parashar’s experiences may resonate with you, but will only turn relatable if like her, you do not give up. So let’s step out of our comfort zones and embrace the unknown, because the silver lining might just be around the corner.

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