This Twitter User’s Father’s Day Tweet Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons!

Fathers like Nishant's are basically making the world a fun place.1 min

While social media is flooded with pics with fathers and brands trying to be quirkier than the last year’s Father’s day with their out-of-the-box social media copies and campaigns, there are some heartwarming stories that touch our hearts. Vancouver-based Indian Twitter user Nishant Jain shared an incident from his high school days involving his father on Twitter. His Twitter thread is going viral for all the right reasons.

Go on, read the thread here.

Nishant’s father’s encouragement led him to create Sneaky Art. Nishant calls himself ‘The Sneaky Artist’. According to his website, SneakyArt is the practice of drawing beauty from your world, without drawing attention.

Here’s the Sneaky Art Nishant made of his father.

Here are some of the sneaky art from Nishant’s Instagram.

We’re proud of you, sir. Fathers like Nishant’s are basically making the world a fun place.

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