6 Things Only Your Sibling Would Do For You

6. They would lie for you.4 min

“You were adopted!”

“I wish I was a single child!”

“I am waiting for you to be married off.”

“It’s so much better when you’re in college.”

And so on! Siblings are annoying, aren’t they? But as much as they may have annoyed you, you know how precious they are. They are the best gifts that your parents could have ever given to you. Why? Because your siblings are the gifts that never stop giving! And there are things that ONLY your sibling would do for you, NOBODY else. In the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, let us recall six such things –

1. They would ALWAYS laugh with you

No matter how offbeat or weird your sense of humour is, your sibling will always get it. They will always be the first ones to laugh at all your twisted jokes.

And once the laughter riot begins, oh, it never stops! Just when you think you’ve gotten hold of yourselves, one will emit the tiniest little snort, and you will be rolling on the floor again.

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2. They would make fun of you and push you to do better at the same time

Your sibling wouldn’t just laugh WITH you; they will also laugh ON you. They would never miss a chance to make fun of you.

But they will also be the first ones to help you become the best version of yourself. They would know just how to encourage you, whether it is by genuine criticism or by pushing you towards your goal.

3. They would accept you for who you are

Nobody accepts you whole-heartedly as your siblings do! They will accept your flaws. They will accept your strengths. They will always be proud of you are. There are so many stories of people coming out to their siblings before anyone else. It is simply because of the warmth and comfort that siblings have to offer.

4. They would offer the best and the worst advice

Siblings are either hilarious or super intelligent with their advice. There’s no in-between. They will either straight up ask you to bunk your exams or give you the best book to prepare for it. Either way, it is just magical to have them advise you.

You either end up laughing hysterically or solving the problem! Win-win!

5. They would protect you

Your sibling would protect you from the world of hatred. They would protect you from your parents’ beating. They would protect you from anything that could upset you or harm you, even if it means staying up all night and protecting you from your nightmares! They would do that for you.

6. They would lie for you

They would do anything to keep you from harm’s way. They would never let you be upset. And if that means they’d have to lie, they will! They would lie to your parents about what time you came back home to save your ass. Or they would even lie about the food you cooked, only to save you from feeling upset and embarrassed. Just like the brother in this beautiful Amazon Rakhi film did for his sister –

Many of the greatest joys of your life will come from having a sibling. They would be your friend, your brother, your sister, your teacher, your protector, your partner in crime, your well-wisher, and whatever else you want them to be. So wish them a very Happy Raksha Bandhan and pray for a lifetime of companionship!

Kaushal Piruka
I write, because I can't dance.