Poet Makrand Kamble’s Last Letter

"Bahot Hua, Ab Jaana Hai"1 min

26 Feb 2015, Mumbai: Makrand Kamble, a renowned poet of Mumbai’s spoken word community died by suicide yesterday. A note was found at his residence by his friend and a fellow poet Shayantan Roy.

Late poet Makrand Kamble had written a poem titled “Ab Jaana Hai” in his last letter, which gives us a hint about his mental health condition. Poet Shayantan Roy recited his last poem at Haikujam Cottage last night.

Ab Jaana Hai

“Ab Jaana Hai” is a poem in the last letter written by the late poet Makrand Kamble. “Ab Jaana hai” is his final poem but it is, in fact, more than just a poem. It sounds like the final breath of a distressed poet, it feels like the saddest cry of a disappointed artist, and it tells you a story that if people had heard in time, our poet would have been alive.

Our poet, Makrand Kamble, was enormously respected in the poetry circuit for his exceptional knowledge of the art. But Poetry was more than just art for him. It’s not something we can describe. You’ll have to watch it to know it.

Watch India’s first web series on poets, The Lineup to know and understand our poet. Our Makrand bhai.


Kaushal Piruka
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