Meet 7-Year-Old Super-Kid and Athlete: Arihaan Garg

This seven-year-old is excelling in everything from Gymnastics to Parkour and Meditation!3 min

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

– Jess Lair

Imagine a seven-year-old kid in your mind and most probably, you would see them being playful or getting started with school. Mostly, they would just be and keep up with the usual flow of life. On the other hand, these days, even the parents put more emphasis on academics. So, kids lose precious years for kindling their creativity and physical discipline.

What if we told you there are exceptions who can truly inspire you and the kids around you?

Meet Arihaan Garg, a seven-year-old who is not academically brilliant but also a sharp athlete in the making. His Dad, Gaurav Garg, has been supporting him right from his toddler days, and just as Jess Lair mentions, he unconditionally molded him right from the start. The minute he realized that Arihaan is curious about fitness, he inspired him further.

Arihaan’s Dad was clear that his kid needs to be fit and be a keen learner. As Arihaan was already running and jumping by he was 2-year-old, his Dad decided to channel his super activity somewhere. His Dad and his mom also read books with him, recited poems, traveled, and broadened his worldview. All of this resulted in Arihaan becoming super smart and he could discuss even complex topics like planets. He also became more physically active by doing weight exercises with his Dad at home.

For Gaurav, every day is Father’s Day because he believes Arihaan has the potential to master every activity that one will challenge him with. As much as he is proud of Arihaan, he also teaches Arihaan to push his limits and never get complacent in life. To take it all ahead, Gaurav has enrolled Arihaan in a range of physical and mental ability-enhancing activities. Arihaan practices Calisthenics, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Jujutsu, Swimming.

Arihaan leaves no stone unturned to make his parents proud by being consistent and disciplined from such an early age. While his peers are busy playing online games and feasting on junk food, Arihaan and his parents took a road that promises well-being and success in the long run. He wakes up at 4 AM every morning and starts his gymnastics class at 5:30 AM. You would be surprised to know that he also meditates and maintains a gratitude journal. He occasionally enjoys noodles or pizzas but they are homemade for him and he controls his portions with mindfulness and gratitude.

He recharges by playing the piano, gardening, dancing and swimming. He’s also learning French and Spanish. It truly tells us that where there is a will there is indeed a way and for Arhaan it looks like the one made with dedication, the hard work of his parents and love for his crafts. Like these were not enough, he is also brilliant with Pyramid and solves Rubik’s Cube in seconds. What a prodigy already!

Feeling blues or stuck with life? Take some inspiration from Arihaan who has impressed even Vidyut Jamwal with his discipline and his Dad to rise above one’s limits – they will always push you out of your comfort zone!

Mohita Adhvaryu
I am an engineer turned writer and filmmaker who loves to tell soulful stories through various mediums. I do that because life is short. I have limited time; most of the time it doesn't make any sense. So, here's yours truly, trying to make something out of her life by telling one story at a time.