Anupama Bihani

Anupama BihaniA graduate in Economics, Anupama Bihani, always had a propensity towards creative arts. Her ardor to actualize the imagination into absoluteness allured her to the field of interiors, thus exercising her artistry to design resplendent posh spaces and furniture. Her constant endeavor is to churn out unique and beautiful designs. This keeps her spirits high and fortifies to design.

She started out with Mirabel in February 2007. Initially, it was a freelancing firm, but slowly with the rise in demand among people for her work, Mirabel became her full time passion and business and opened her first studio. Anupama wants to establish and position MIRABEL as an interior décor firm which offers consultancy and work on turnkey projects.

She has recently opened her own first Mirabel Studio on 25th May 2013.

Anupama believes, “One who can imagine, understand and visualize, can be an Interior Designer and a women is the best to do so.
“I” stands for Imagining the best possible permutations & combinations for optimum space utilization.
“U” for understanding the clients needs and emotions.
“V” stands for visualizing before physically bringing things into being. God has bestowed Women with this quality, you just need to hone your skills and follow the mantra – I and U makes V.