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Internet is filled with content. We are bombarded with hundreds of videos, memes and articles everyday. With this much content coming in, we often end up checking mediocre content, meaning waste of time.

And that’s where BuddyBits enters. Our team curates the best stories from the internet for you to devour. From memes to videos to articles, we only post things that add something in your life.

For Creators

BuddyBits is a launchpad for upcoming creators. Share your content with millions of Indians through BuddyBits.

(Disclaimer: We do not charge anything to individuals for the feature; the content you submit is sent to our editors for review. Only selected content is featured on BuddyBits.

Due to high volume of content we receive everyday, we may not respond to everyone. If you do not hear back from us within 15 days of submission, it’s safe to assume that your content is not approved by our team. Avoid submitting same content multiple times.)

Videos: Share your music cover, music video, poetry/ storytelling video, stand-up comedy video with our community. Submit through this link.

Articles: Publish your article/ opinion or listicle on BuddyBits through this link.

Shorts: Shorts are 5 to 30 words long short stories. It can be related to special days, social media trends or social issues. Submit your shorts through this link.

Tweets: Came across a funny tweet? Tag @BuddyBits in the reply/ comment and we’ll feature selected tweets.

BuddyBits Recite

BuddyBits Recite is our original spoken word show format where our team picks spoken word artists and invite them to share their stories and poems with live audience as well as millions of Indians through our digital platforms.

To participate in BuddyBits Recite as a poet/ storyteller/ performer, check this link.

For any other queries, reach to us on

If you want to share story/ video/ article suggestions with our team, write to us on

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BuddyBits is one of the fastest growing digital media brands. Go viral us. Write to us on

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