Intern with Us

  • Interested in getting “hands-on” experience in content writing and social media?
  • Do you have a natural talent for creative writing and social media?
  • Do you blog and tweet in your sleep?
  • Are you curious to learn about content writing and digital media?
  • Are you addicted to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Then BuddyBits is the perfect place for you to start an internship program! The internship program with BuddyBits will help you hone your writing skills while working in a creative environment! At BuddyBits, you will have the opportunity to write content for the website and work directly on social media strategies. This internship is ideal for anyone looking to get their feet wet in journalism, content writing and social media.

Responsibilities of BuddyBits Interns

  • Work closely with BuddyBits content team.
  • Creating content for BuddyBits.
  • Share the latest happenings at BuddyBits among your network.
  • Be a self-starter and identify other ways in which we can help YOU!
  • Make people aware of BuddyBits through social media and other resources you have.

Benefits to our Interns

  • A unique opportunity to learn work culture during your student life
  • Invitation to attend press conferences on behalf of BuddyBits
  • Recognition of Interns on BuddyBits Facebook page and website.
  • Receive regular updates about exciting new events being run by BuddyBits and partners
  • Entry to the events of BuddyBits and partners of BuddyBits at discounted rates
  • Enhance your professional development and skills
  • Build relationships with interns from other colleges and disciplines
  • Add the BuddyBits Internship experience to your resume
  • Stipend and a certificate of experience


Our ideal candidate is someone who is highly motivated, driven and ambitious loves to write and is active on social media.

[Note: Internship duration lasts for 3 to 6 months. Although we read each and every application thoroughly, we may not respond to all of them. Our team will get back to you only if you’re selected for the next round.]

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