Why BuddyBits?

  • We’re a fun company.
  • We constantly experiment with new ideas and have a very dynamic work environment.
  • We’re growing really really fast and so is our team!
  • We’re young, creative and talented. Working with us will enhance your personality and skills.
  • We’re extremely flexible when it comes to the working hours. It is the quality of work that matters at the end of the day.
  • We believe in giving credit for every job done.

So be ready to get some experience letters if you choose to associate with us.

How to join us?

At present you can join the BuddyBits team as,

  • Intern: Generate content, articles and manage social media with our team!
  • Campus Ambassador: Represent your college and keep us updated with the latest happenings at your college.
  • Full Time: Join our crazy army in Surat. Eat, play, hangout, watch movies/ TV, read and work with our crazy team at our Surat office.

Intern with Us     Join Campus Ambassador Program     Join our team


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