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About Me Healing took time. The cut on Evander’s forehead had required stitches; his human skin had been no match for wolves’ claws. Sam had fared better, but bore bruises and scratches of his own. Evander was inconsolable those first, dark days after the battle. He believed it was his fault Vera had been hurt, and would not be comforted, no matter how many times Sam told him that he had done everything possible to keep her safe. The King’s bite had sapped all of Vera’s strength and left her a shivering, feverish mess. She ranted and begged for death when they submerged her body in baths filled with ice. She cried out in her sleep for her lovers, who took turns sitting and watching at her bedside, while a garrison of Guardians surrounded the Villa. Had Vera been conscious, she would have teased Sam and Evander for being overcautious mother hens, but she was not, and so they exorcised their guilt through a tireless vigil and searching for one of best escort sites of 2022. Soon, though, the magic in Vera’s blood began to gain ground against the accursed wound. The missing Oracle was found by Temple Scouts who had searched deep within the woods to the north. Kata was malnourished and sick from having been kept in an enchanted sleep for months, but was otherwise unharmed. Delphina and Alessandra had rejoiced and made offerings of figs, apples, and sage to Gaia in thanks for their Sister’s return and Vera’s recovery. One week after the battle with King Lycaon and Minyas’ daughters, Vera opened her eyes. Evander wept and Sam kissed her forehead. They bathed her in water steeped with healing herbs and flowers like rose, boneset, and chamomile. It made their villa smell like the Temple gardens during the first full bloom of spring. Sam washed her hair and Evander carried her out onto the veranda afterward. The three sat side-by-side, hands entwined, listening to the calls of the night birds and watching the Temple torches flicker in the dark. The full moon climbed into the sky two weeks after the battle and every member of the Mound of Gaia held their breath waiting to see if their most beloved Queen, the High Votaress, would be afflicted by the curse Zeus had placed on King Lycaon. Publicly, the Healers had dismissed any concerns, but everyone, including Vera, breathed a sigh of relief when she did not transform into a ravenous beast. Rumors of the battle ran rampant among the elementals on both sides of the Sacred Passage and soon the elemental Daemons were sending emissaries to demand an audience with the High Votaress. Sam, Evander, and Sofia made a vain attempt to keep news of the uproar away from Vera, but one of the younger Sisters had made the mistake of mentioning the tantrum that Dionysus had thrown to try and make Vera laugh. That had ended Vera’s patience with her recovery regimen. Three weeks after the battle Vera, Sam, and Evander returned to the uninitiated world together, relieving the acolytes who had watched the house and the bookshop while Vera was healing. They were younger women and delighted to be trusted with the task, even though, for them, the time that had elapsed in the uninitiated world was less than a week. Sam and Evander fussed over Vera, fluffing pillows, fetching tea, and worrying whenever she so much as cringed with discomfort. She found it endearing when she first woke up, but she now she was home and healed. She had been laid up in bed, reading when Sam came up the stairs. It was everything she could do not to groan with annoyance when he deposited a cup of tea and cookies on her nightstand and smoothed out the blanket she had draped over her legs. “You need anything else, love?” “No thanks.” “Are you sure?” Vera knocked the back of her head against the headboard and rolled her eyes. She was finished with being treated like a piece of antique crystal. “If you don’t stop hovering I’m going to insist you go stay in the back room at the shop.” “I’d like to see you try.” “Haven’t you heard? I’m an official badass. If you’re not nice to me, I’ll turn you into a toad,” Vera picked up her mug and inhaled the snappy fragrances of bergamot and jasmine. She sighed, “You do make a good cuppa. That’s one point in favor of you staying human.” Evander was coming up the stairs, he carried a few DVDs in one hand, “What do you say we snuggle up and watch a movie.” “I have a better idea,” Vera stretched her arms over her head. She was delighted that it no longer felt like her muscles were being torn apart when she moved. “And what would that be?” Sam said, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “Well, if you must ask, we haven’t talked about the boneheaded stunt you pulled when you went chasing after one of Minyas’ daughters on your own.” Sam at least had the decency to look contrite, “I admit it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.” “You’re lucky you’re not dead,” Evander said, no hint of teasing in his voice. “In case you missed it, I do know how to fight.” “Yeah, you do, but we all know you wouldn’t have been a match for eight of those fucking wolves, not to mention the three mad bats,” Vera said and tried to clear the lump that had formed in her throat when she thought about all that could have been taken from them. “What do you think would happen to us, if we lost you?” Vera was no longer feeling playful; her eyes were bright with tears. “You’re the heart of this family, you idiot. I can’t–” Evander sucked in a deep breath, “You’ve got to promise us you’re not going to do that again.” “I promise,” Sam said, looking between Vera and Evander. “Don’t you forget it,” Vera’s demanded and felt the flare of gloom recede. She twisted her lips into a wicked smile before she continued, “You know, Evy, I think our puppy needs to be punished.” Evander chuckled, grabbing a handful of Sam’s ample ass and squeezed. “What about it, puppy? Do you need a reminder to learn your lesson?” Sam blushed a lovely shade of pink and squirmed a little when Evander pulled him into his lap, “I need whatever you’re willing to give me,” he said. Vera could see the bulge of his hardness and scooted from her place against the headboard to sit beside Evander and Sam. She reached out and gave Sam a squeeze. “Are you sure you’re up for play fun?” Sam asked, stepping out of the burgeoning scene to check in. She growled, “Yes. Green. I could not possibly be greener than I am right now.” Evander’s hand snapped out and pinched the point of her chin between his index finger and thumb, “You watch your tone there, pet. I’ve a mind to tan both your hides for being stubborn and reckless.” Vera felt a rush of excitement. It was not often that she submitted completely to Evander, but he must have sensed something in her; the desire to be pushed, challenged, and then cared for in a way that proved she was healed and whole. “If that’s what you feel I need,” she said, lowering her gaze, then looking up at Evander through her lashes. Evander’s pupils flared, his eyes black with desire. Evander pulled her against his side, sliding his lips over her neck, “Tell me what you need, pet?” “I need you.” “Then you’ll have me,” Evander said and Sam whimpered and rocked his ass against Evander’s cock. “Don’t feel left out, puppy, I haven’t forgotten about you. Both of you get undressed and no touching yourselves or each other until I say, understand?” Vera and Sam nodded and Evander grabbed the chair by the window. He moved it an arm’s length away from the foot of the bed, then trotted downstairs. He returned moments later with a bowl of melon chunks and three bottles of water. Evander listened to Sam and Vera laughing about the fawning acolytes who had assisted in Vera’s care while he collected a towel and a jar of arnica salve from the bathroom. These were the sounds of his home and he took a moment to thank Gaia that they had all lived to hear them once again. He shook off the melancholy and allowed his mind to sink into the headspace he would need for their scene. “Pet, why don’t you get your friend out and have a seat,” Evander motioned to the chair. Vera trembled with excitement. Her friend was a hot pink vibrator with a cock head that swiveled and little arm that extended from the base to tickle and buzz against her clit. It was a go-to when she needed quick relief, but it was also a toy that Evander loved to edge her with, building her up and forcing her to stop, time and again, until she was crying with frustration and the need to come. Evander shucked off his shirt, bearing his chest. He sat on the bed with his feet on the floor. He maneuvered Sam until he was draped across his lap with Sam’s hardening cock tucked upward to lay flush against his lower belly. “Puppy, I’m going to give you 20 spanks and you’re going to count out every single one. You can make all the noise you want, but you better stay put, and those hands better stay on the floor. If you miss a number or move then we start all over again, understand?” Evander was stroking Sam’s ass as he spoke, “Now pet, you drape your legs over the arms of that chair so I can see your pretty pink kitty,” Vera could feel her face flush with the embarrassment of being put on display, “I want you to show me exactly how you want me to fill you up, but you need to tell me when you feel like you’re going to come. If you come before I tell you, then you won’t get to play with puppy tonight.” She nodded and pressed the button for lowest setting on the vibrator. It buzzed to life and she started to tease her clit with the head to get herself wet. “Color, pet?” “Green, Evy.” “And you, puppy?” “Green.” “You’re such a good boy for me, baby, but you can’t go off on your own like that again,” Evander pulled his hand back and laid a hard slap to the meat of Sam’s ass cheek. Sam gasped, “One.” “Do you understand?” His hand cracked on the opposite cheek and Sam moaned. “Two.” Vera looked on, while she pushed the vibrator into her sex, allowing her own wetness to ease the way. The sound of Evander’s palm landing on Sam’s ass and the tremulous way that Sam breathed out each number, stoked the flame of her passion. “Look at her, puppy, isn’t her kitty beautiful?” Evander wound his fingers into the thick mane of Sam’s hair and turned his face to look at Vera while she pleasured herself. Sam’s lips were bee-stung and his eyes were rimmed with red, tear stains on his cheeks. He was gorgeous in his submission and the sight had lust coiling tight around Vera’s core. “Stop, pet.” Evander’s voice was iron and she pulled the vibrator from her body with a sharp intake of breath, her sacred channel clenching around nothing. The emptiness was unbearable and she panted waiting for Evander to tell her to begin again. “Don’t take your eyes off her, puppy.” The strikes to Sam’s ass resumed and Vera had enough presence of mind to wonder how Sam maintained an accurate count. She became aware of someone speaking and she refocused, realizing Evander had been trying to get her attention. “Pet, what’s your color?” “It’s green,” she said, feeling a dreamy sense of release permeating her mind. “That’s good, you can start again,” she slid the vibrator inside her and the relief of being filled made her eyes prick with heat, “That feels good doesn’t it, sweetheart?” “It does, it’s wonderful.” She increased her speed, tilting her toy upward so the head was brushing against that magic spot inside her body that caused her toes to curl. “Pet, are you close?” “Yes, oh, oh Gaia,” she moaned. “Stop, love.” Vera ground out a frustrated growl. She was desperate for release. The cycle repeated until Sam was howling, crying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and begging to come. Vera was shaking with restrained passion, each time she neared her orgasm, she locked her muscles down. She feared that the pulsing at her center would tip her over the edge, regardless of how hard she tried to fight back the feeling. Evander and Sam reached the end of Sam’s lesson and Evander was rubbing Sam’s back and shushing him with kind words of praise. “Puppy, you were amazing for me. You took that so well. I’m proud of you, sweet pup.” Evander reached down by his feet and came back with the jar of arnica salve. He rubbed the healing ointment on Sam’s ass and upper thighs, reveling in the heat that was coming off his puppy’s skin. Evander righted Sam, holding him steady until he was not swaying on his feet and then put the towel down on the bed and had him lie down on his back. Vera saw the wince as Sam’s tender backside came into contact with the towel. He wiggled a bit, like someone with a sore tooth who worries the spot with their tongue because there is something satisfying about riding the edge of that pain. His dick was ruddy, the head shining as it leaked against his belly. “I see you, puppy,” Evander said, watching Sam writhe on the bed, “If you come before I tell you, then we will have to go back to the beginning.” Sam nodded, his face reflecting the bliss that the spanking had elicited. Vera toyed with the head of the vibrator, pushing just inside herself and tightening her muscles around the toy until she had to pull it out to avoid coming. Evander walked over to the chair, and plucked the vibrator from her hand. He slipped two fingers into her body without any preamble. She ground herself down on his hand, tilting her hips to try and get some friction against her clit. “Uh-uh, pet. Do you want to play with puppy now?” Vera nodded and he withdrew his fingers. “Come with me,” he took her hand and led her to the bed. “Puppy, you’ve been so perfect for us that our Vera is going to ride you while you suck me. Do you think you can do that?” Sam’s smile widened, “Yes, Evy.” “Will you ride him, pet?” Evander asked. “Please,” Vera said, her voice was soft and quiet. She relaxed into the certainty that her Guardian would care for her, give her what she needed, and soothe the ache that throbbed inside her body. Evander guided Vera onto the bed and helped her to straddle Sam’s hips. She was floating, wrapped in the warmth of her lovers. Vera sunk down on Sam’s cock and Evander watched in awe as the joy in Sam’s face radiated like the summer sun when it breaks from behind the clouds. Vera’s hips began a gentle rocking when she was fully seated. “You’ve both done so well. You can come when you’re ready.” Evander propped Sam’s head on a pillow and knelt beside him. He tapped his cock against Sam’s lips. Sam’s tongue flicked out to captured the moisture at Evander’s tip, humming with pleasure at the taste of his lover. Evander’s prick was uncut; Sam ran his tongue around the foreskin, before sucking on the head. Vera’s hips sped up and Sam hummed with pleasure, sending a delicious vibration trilling up Evander’s shaft. They fed on each other’s passions until they were moving together, responding to a rhythm that only they could hear and feel. Evander pushed his length into Sam’s mouth, loving the way the other man’s lips and chin had grown slick and shined in the low light of the bedroom. Sam was gorgeous. Then there was Vera, her head thrown back, one hand plucking at her nipples, and the other holding Sam’s fingers against her clit while she rode him. “Puppy, she wants to come, can you feel her? I want you to make her come now,” The rhythm of Evander’s thrusts became erratic. He was so close, but he wanted Sam and Vera to finish first. He needed to know he had brought them through the trials of the past to a place where they were safe, satisfied, and loved. Sam was driving up into Vera’s body, gripping her hips to hold her still. She sucked in a sharp breath and then her entire body started to quake. She came, her muscular thighs clenching around Sam’s hips. The pain and fear of the past few months dissolve and Vera’s body was suffused with lightness. Sam’s moaning increased as Vera shook around him, the walls of her sacred channel holding him fast. The intense heat and throbbing of her womanhood drew the orgasm from his body and he filled Vera with his seed. Sam groaned around Evander’s cock, pushing Evander into his own release. Sam pulled back and let Evander’s spend fall on his tongue and his lips while he held Evander’s gaze. The three lovers rode out the waves of sensation until they collapsed, separating. Evander gave himself a few minutes to catch his breath and then tended to his family. He wiped their bodies clean with cool cloths, fed them bites of fruit, between sips of water. They talked about easy things, like who would make breakfast and whether the rain that was threatening to fall, would come in the night while they slept or wait until after dawn. Evander got up from the bed one last time to check the locks and turn out the lights. They whispered in the dark, content to let the silences that followed their words grow longer and longer until they each fell away into their own dreams. All was quiet throughout the night, until the patter of raindrops began to peck against the windows just before dawn.