BuddyBits Recite

About BuddyBits Recite

BuddyBits Recite is our original spoken word show format where our team picks some of the best spoken word pieces (stories/ poems) and invite artists to share their stories and poems in-front of the live audience as well as millions of Indians through our digital platforms.

Upcoming Events

  • August 2019 – Delhi (Tentative)

Participate As An Artist

To participate as an artist/ performer in our upcoming events, email your poem/ story in audio as well as text format on recite@buddybits.com with subject line “Recite Submission”. Please include following in your mail.

  • Full name
  • Contact number
  • City
  • Piece title and body (paste in email body instead of attaching separate text file)
  • Audio recording of your piece

Do not send pieces that are already published on the internet.

Important Guidelines for artists
  • Artists from any city can participate as far as they are willing to travel to Delhi on the event day.
  • Language of the piece should either be Hindi or English. Few lines in regional language in-between the poem is accepted.
  • Story/ poem must be performed within 6 minutes or less.
  • Artist can submit multiple stories/ poem for review.
  • Artist must get the story/ poem by heart before the event/ recording. Reading the piece from a paper/ diary or phone at the event/ recording is not allowed.
  • If the story/ poem is published anywhere on the internet, disclosing it in the application is compulsory.
  • We do not charge anything to artists for the feature.
  • For any other queries, feel free to send a mail on recite@buddybits.com with subject line “Recite query”.