BuddyBits loves to bring out the best lifestyle stories from all across India. So we expect our writers to cover their stories from a unique perspective and add a personal angle.

Guidance and Checklist for BuddyBits articles

These are some general guidelines to be followed by BuddyBits writers:

  1. Articles should be written within a range of 500-1500 words. Editors hold the right to edit out the excess words. Spell check and accuracy in facts is a must!
  2. Articles should have a harmonious balance of facts, thoughts and quotes, which could include criticism as well.
  3. Authors must provide original content since we do not tolerate any kind of plagiarism. You can always search online for any research study on the subject and refer them.
  4. Right now, BuddyBits is focusing on topics originating from India, but we are not averse to a unique story from abroad that has an Indian connection!
  5. Please refer to our different sections on our website to get a better understanding of the articles that get published.
  6. Content must be original. Article should not be published anywhere else. Not even on author’s personal blog. Such articles will not be published on BuddyBits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Article should not promote any company/ organization/ product/ person or brand directly or indirectly. Such articles will not be published on BuddyBits. If you wish to advertise with BuddyBits, you may check our Advertise page.

To submit shorts (stories/ poems/ quotes), click here.

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I assure that the article I am submitting here follows above mentioned Guidance and Checklist.

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