Guidance and Checklist for Shorts

These are some general guidelines to be followed:

  1. BuddyBits Shorts can be stories or poems or quotes or writings with limit of 5 to 50 words.
  2. You can submit shorts either on ‘word of the week’ or on trending topics/ current affairs. Word of the week is published on our Facebook page every Monday.
  3. Shorts should be written within a range of 5-50 words. Editors hold the right to edit out the excess words. Spell check and accuracy in facts is a must!
  4. Content must be original. Content should not be published anywhere else. Not even on author’s personal blog.
  5. You are allowed to submit more than one short.
  6. Best shorts selected by our editorial team will get published on BuddyBits throughout the week.
  7. Last date to submit shorts on ‘word of the week’ would be Friday of that particular week.

Submit your Shorts

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I assure that the content I am submitting here follows above mentioned Guidance and Checklist.

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