We Want Change!

What will you get if you mechanically copy-paste all your assignments? It never registers into your head. Moreover, it’s never possible to complete everything in time. It’s like an ideal condition that can never be fulfilled. Engineers produced as a result of such practice will be completely useless. How will they create a better society and make useful technology?

This must be stopped. We don’t want to create silly ignorant people. We must give more time to an engineer, so that he can develop himself.

Engineering Courses can be make more effective by testing practical skills in stead of paper-based submission (copy pasting!). Universities would have made it more easier and load-free education by putting practical term work in stead of traditional paper based term work. It would have saved many papers & trees (sounds funny, but damn true).

As a Youth Power, either we have to change it or we have to follow that traditional 16th century method of submission without taking initiative!

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