Dear, Crush You ruined my life, Seriously!

Dear Crush, you ruined my life, Seriously!

It was not a long time when I fell in love, but I broke up. I was badly hurt. I was sad. I felt sick and I became groggy. I tried out...


Movie Review Roy

Movie Review: Roy

“Okay what if you come up with best ingredients, nice vegetables and all the desired masala; but at the end of the cooking process when...

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Fifty thousands US Residents Celebrate Holi in Utah

This is how more than 50,000 Firangis celebrate Holi in Utah!

Festival of colors is not only celebrated in India. We found a video which shows how more than fifty thousand US residents celebrate Holi...


India's first Business Social Network Track Next

Startup Talk with co-founder of TrackNext

Today in Startup Talk we are presenting interview with co-founder of India’s first business social network TrackNext. What is...

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