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In Conversation with Upcoming Bollywood Champ, Gaurav Paswala

Having done more than 50 TV commercials, more than 10 TV serials, this champ from Surat city is now wooing audience on the big screens with his Hindi horror thriller 6-5=2. Gaurav Paswala, born and brought up in Surat city shares bits from his life with the readers of BuddyBits. Have a look



Have a look at the best office of India!

Myntra’s new workspace in Banglore is absolutely amazing! No we aren’t advertising Myntra here. When we watched this video; we were stunned to see such an amazing interior designing of a workspace that too in India. Have a look. What do you think? Tell us in comments.


Science & Tech

How to get more followers on Twitter?

Twitter, microblogging site is really interesting if you spend some time twitting with other Twitterattis (Twitter users). And I believe Twitterattis are the most creative social media users among all other social media users. All trends we see on social media start on Twitter. I am gonna share some tips to